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Parcelforce is a logistics and courier service provider that is mainly based in the UK. Established in 1883, it was widely known as Royal mail, a brand name that was then separated into three divisions in 1986. Later in 1990, Royal Mail Parcels was rebranded to Parcelforce. Michael Heseltine was the then Secretary of State who gave the proposal of privatising the company, arguing that it mostly offered services to corporations rather than individuals. It was later in 2002 that the parcel service was shifted to Royal Mail and Parcelforce was left to concentrate on express deliveries. During this time, customers would use the Parcelforce contact number to make deliveries and lodge complaints.

If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

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If you would prefer to call Parcelforce directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Parcelforce Customer Services0344 800 4466
Parcelforce Worldwide0344 800 4466
Parcelforce tracking0344 800 4466
Parcelforce 480344 800 4466
Parcelforce 240344 800 4466
Parcelforce depots0344 800 4466
Parcelforce claims0344 800 4466
Parcelforce delivery0344 800 4466
Parcelforce collection0344 800 4466
Parcelforce international0344 800 4466
Parcelforce express0344 800 4466

With the help of an international partner network, the Parcelforce Worldwide makes deliveries of parcels across all parts of the globe. General Logistics System, which is a subsidiary of Royal Mail is a major partner to Parcelforce UK, and it delivers a million plus parcels every day to 34 European countries. The company operates two hubs that are based in Coventry. One of the hubs is designed for the UK parcels while the other is exclusive for the international parcels. Operating across a network of 52 depots across the UK, so far, the company has an approximate number of 4,500 employees. The main competitors of Parcelforce around the world include DHL, the DX group, FedEx and others. Not only are Parcelforce customer services excellent, but also as a result of handling about 60 thousands parcels every hour, the company is known for its efficient delivery system . Parcelforce helpline is open for customers to use around the clock. The helpline is designed to help in the tracking of parcels, service clarification and filing of complaints. It provides details regarding office address, location, bill payments and others. The helpline contact number to use is 0344 800 4466. The company can be contacted through the customer service address - 100 Victoria Embankments, London EC4Y OHQ. Getting in Touch with Parcelforce Customer Services Some of the customers who have wished to contact the company before to enquire about the Parcelforce customer services have used the Parcelforce phone number, while others have relied on the Twitter handle or the official Facebook page They have been advised to always visit the company’s website for details that could be helpful in the parcel delivery. The customer service number that clients living within the UK can use is 0044 344 800 4466. With the many people the company has served before, it was noticed that there had been a large number of clients with hearing problems. This prompted the company to look for ways it could be of assistance to such people. For that reason, Parcelforce came up with the following number - 0044 800 085 5854. Welsh-speaking customers contact the customer service team through 0044 344 800 5550. Clients are advised to contact the customer service desk between 8 Am and 7 PM during weekdays. On Saturdays, customers can only get assistance between 8:30 AM and 5 PM while on Sundays, calls should be made between 9 AM and 5 PM. There are times a customer may want to cancel a parcel or make collection changes. During such emergencies, customers contact the Parcelforce tracking services through 0044 344 800 4466. In the rare cases where faults have been linked to the company, customers have contacted the customer complaint services through 0044 345 774 0740. Some customers prefer sending emails of complaints to When not satisfied with the response, customers have been asked to take their matters up with the company’s independent review panel. To get through to the panel, the email address that customers use is For general inquiries regarding the post office, the contact number to use is 0344 800 4466. There are also times when customers miss their parcel collections or find they have not been delivered securely. In such situations, they are advised to contact the customer service helpline. Customers are charged 5.50 pounds for changing addresses to which the parcel should have initially been delivered. When no changes are made, extra charges are not levied. To get a quick delivery of the courier, customers are invited to make their payments online and be prepared to pay for the customs charges. The worldwide courier number to contact before 7 PM on weekdays and 12:30 PM on Saturdays is 0044 344 209 6100. However, this line is deactivated on Sundays. For customers who do not wish to contact the company via phone, there is a form that can be filled for the same purpose. When filling the form, customers are supposed to give their delivery address, the parcel tracking number, telephone number or email address to enable the company to resolve the queries quickly. For those not residing in the UK, parcel force can be contacted through tracking the number belonging to the customer’s country. By visiting, customers are able to track the number and contact Parcelforce customer services from abroad. How to Contact Parcelforce UK Parcelforce uses Express 24 and Express 48 to deliver parcels within the UK. When shipping internationally, the DHL courier is used. During the delivery process, problems may occur, and this is why customers should be aware of the following: In the email sent to the customer, there is a tracking number given, and usually it starts with two letters and followed by seven digits. In order to locate a collection, customers can use the depot finder. They only have to enter the delivery postcode. Customers can be in touch with the courier for questions or complaints by using the contact number provided in the depot finder. The last decade has seen Parcelforce move into the express market, and this has further helped the company to advance in terms of infrastructure and investment, enabling it to offer exceptional quality services. Parcelforce runs a hub and spoke collection and handles over 7 million parcels per year. With the large number of customers the company serves, it has the power to change the terms and conditions of an offer, suspend, amend, offer or hold void when necessary. The moment a customer decides to use the services of Parcelforce, it is always a great idea to have the Parcelforce contact number to have an easy parcel delivery process.

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