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The Mothercare UK shopping experience has broadened greatly over the more than sixty-five years they have been in business. From basic Mom and Baby necessities they have exponentially increased their vast inventory and global reach to better serve the consumer who expects only the best. Originally founded in Kingston, Surrey in 1961, it initially focused on selling nursery furniture, strollers, and baby clothes. It has now greatly expanded to offer, among other things, clothes for children up to the age of eight. Mothercare has also greatly expanded its customer base over the years, with over 389 stores in the UK and over 671 stores abroad in 38 other countries including Malaysia, India Canada and the UK. This has put Mothercare in the position of one of the top global leaders in the infant retail sector to contend with its department store rivals.

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If you would prefer to call Mothercare directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Mothercare DepartmentContact Number
Mothercare Head Office0344 875 5222
Mothercare Customer Services0344 875 5222
Mothercare Merryhill0344 875 5222
Mothercare Bluewater0344 875 5222
Mothercare Edmonton0344 875 5222
Mothercare Ipswich0344 875 5222
Mothercare Orders0344 875 5222
Mothercare Complaints0344 875 5222
Mothercare delivery0344 875 5222
Mothercare Hull0344 875 5222
Mothercare Hull0344 875 5222
Mothercare Portmouth0344 875 5222
Mothercare Ancoats0344 875 5222
Mothercare Baby Plan0344 875 5222
Mothercare returns0344 875 5222

When products provided by Mothercare are not met with satisfaction and an exchange or refund needs to be made, Mothercare customer services needs to be notified in a timely manner in order to execute the reverse transaction. The refund/exchange policy applies to items that have been unused and returned in their original packaging within thirty days with the provision of a receipt. This can be done at any one of their stores. This policy excludes toiletries, baby food (including formula), software, DVD's Tens Machines, open mattresses, gift cards and gift vouchers. Items that were bought as a multi-buy promotion must be returned as a whole inside original packaging as well.

Mothercare Customer Services in the UK may be contacted by calling the Mothercare contact number: 0344 875 5222. In the case of international Customer Service needs, all other countries of operation have a Customer Service number unique to them and these may be found in their online directory. If a product is purchased online and needs to be returned because it is unsatisfactory, or because it is defective, Mothercare will refund the entire purchase cost of the product including shipping and return postage. If no defect is found upon their examination, the customer will be responsible for the initial shipping costs. The Mothercare helpline is also available to assist in answering the most commonly asked questions about replacement of lost user guides, delivery options, order tracking, spare parts and replacements, product suitability and other queries.

Mothercare Phone Number for Complaints

As a part of improving customer service and product lines offered and like any organization that continually strives to grow in every way, Mothercare uses feedback, even in the form of complaints, to improve their customer offer. Their various product lines feature car seats, strollers, high chairs, formula, toys, accessories for Mom-to-be, gift packs baby clothing and just about anything else you might think a baby or expectant mother or family would need. With such a high volume of products and services provided, it is inevitable that there may be discrepancies or disparities. Sometimes these discrepancies appear with the actual manufactured products themselves, such as in the case of a damaged article, possibly through a shipping process. Occasionally, the quality of a particular article may not entirely meet a customer's expectations. At times, a product will prove to be defective shortly after the return policy's time frame and cause complications with what should have been a simple refund transaction. Periodically a larger article such as a crib or playpen may be sold with an assembly guide or user manual missing, or even a screw or bracket. This is extremely frustrating for the consumer. There may be disputing viewpoints over particular parts of the customer return policy. At times, customer service may be poor, or in some cases, entirely lacking in a store. In the case of online delivery orders, packages have been known to arrive late or get lost in shipping, or been assigned the wrong tracking number.

In the world of retail and the online shopping experience these examples are quite general and not especially unique to Mothercare. When these problems go unchecked, however, they can have a great effect on the overall customer traffic and profits of a retailer, and ultimately, its reputation and its future. The tracking and positive resolution of customer complaints plays a vital role in retail analytics as it serves to evolve the future shopping experience to be a more pleasant one for the consumer.

In the event where a complaint needs to be filed either about customer service at a Mothercare store, pricing discrepancies, or for online orders the timely receipt of purchases, the Mothercare phone number may be used to contact the complaints department as well. Once again, the number to contact in the UK is 0344 875 5222. For complaints outside the UK, please check the phone number in your local online directory.

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